The Karachi Film Society (KFS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Sultana Siddiqui, which aims to promote Pakistani Cinema and culture on an international scale, using its influential platform. Being the brainchild of KFS, the Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF) has become an annual happening in the country, with the exception of 2020 due to the ongoing global pandemic. Showcasing talent from across the nation, PIFF has managed to highlight Pakistan’s potential in film and television, discovering young filmmakers, artists and writers! Through the workshops, film screenings and seminars, the festival has received a positive response, paving the way for Pakistani Cinema to flourish by reaching large audiences worldwide.


Under the banner of KFS, PIFF aims to emphasize the local talent in Pakistan by promoting budding artists, enthusiasts and filmmakers, who are able to use the sensational platform to share their work and achievements nationwide and globally.


PIFF’ 22 is back with a bang! After the coronavirus pandemic last year, the festival resumes this July, with an exciting workshop and two very special guests all the way from Turkey!

Women Empowerment is a relatively ‘taboo’ topic in Pakistan, with movements fundamental to Women’s Rights being the talk of town.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic creating a strenuous environment & situation, the Pakistan International Film Festival chose a theme which was impactful and would resonate with audiences across the nation.

PIFF 2021 hosted its first ever Women’s Edition, focusing on celebrating women and their contribution to the world of Pakistani Cinema.

Qualified professionals and industry experts were all present, sharing their valuable insight through seminars/webinars and workshops. PIFF provided an influential platform for local aspiring artists, in addition to women-centric film screenings.

This year, PIFF Womens’ Edition 2022 brought back the same energy & enthusiasm with an exciting Special Effects Makeup workshop that featured international experts from Turkey!



“It gives me immense pleasure to announce PIFF Women’s Edition 2021, which will focus on celebrating the women of our country. I would like to thank our partner organizations, board of governors, and above all, our Provincial and Federal Governments for all their support despite these strenuous times we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a prominent advocate for the rights of women in Pakistan, the theme for this year’s festival is a significant one. With the KFS platform giving professionals and specialists the opportunity to grow and learn from each other, the Pakistan International Film Festival has and will hopefully continue to receive a positive response from the nation.”


“Being a part of the Pakistan International Film Festival since 2018 has been a rewarding experience, and the journey goes on with the latest PIFF Women’s Edition. The cause is very close to my heart because I personally believe in promoting the vibrant women of our country and giving a voice to them. I am grateful to my team for working so hard to put this event together despite the challenges faced due to the pandemic, which has created a difficult predicament for the nation and worldwide.”


Sultana Siddiqui

President of HUM Network Limited as well as the founder of the Karachi Film Society, Sultana Siddiqui has established herself as a media mogul in South Asia.

Javed Jabbar

Former senator, filmmaker and intellectual, Javed Jabbar is known for his distinguished reputation in the field of media and literature in Pakistan.

Ameena Saiyid

Founder of Lightstone Publishers and former Managing Director of the Oxford University Press in Pakistan, Ameena Saiyid is a woman in her own right, uninhibited by traditional conventions.

Sirajuddin Aziz

CEO of the Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited, Sirajuddin Aziz is also a renowned writer who believes in PIFF’s mission to shape the perception of Pakistan worldwide.

Ronak Lakhani

Philanthropist and Chairperson on the board of the Special Olympics Pakistan, Ronak Lakhani advocates for positive change in the nation.

Jamil Baig

Supporting local films by showcasing them through his popular cinema chain, Nueplex Cinemas, Jamil Baig aims to elevate the stature of Pakistan’s Film Industry.

Sayeeda Leghari

A woman in charge, Sayeeda Leghari heads Sukkur Beverages (PepsiCo Bottling Plant) and has published her own book, ‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine: A Food Story’.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Oscar-winning filmmaker, journalist and activist, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is known for her work highlighting the inequality women face in Pakistan.

Dr. Fouzia Saeed

Social activist, television commentator, gender expert and a promoter of folk culture, Dr. Fouzia Saeed regularly speaks up for women’s rights in Pakistan.

Dr. Khurshid Qureshi

Dr. Khurshid Haider is the Chairman of the DICE foundation, a non-profit organization which focuses on strengthening Pakistan’s economic backbone.


This year, PIFF Women’s Edition 2022 is bringing back the same energy & enthusiasm with an exciting 2 – day event lined up in sync with last year’s theme.


23rd – 24th July 2022

Film & Television Makeup with Sezen Can & Murat Polat

The dynamic duo hailing from Turkey showcased their expertise and unique skill-set while sharing their different insights about the art of makeup and special effects with live demonstrations on local models.

Sezen Can has studied, practiced, and taught students how to apply makeup, specializing in beauty on screen and in the cut-throat fashion industry as well.

Known for his impressive SFX makeup technique, Murat Polat has experience working on over 500 different projects in the media industry, including Netflix series, ‘The Protector’ and Turkish Original ‘Alev Alev’.

Makeup enthusiasts got to be a part of and observe two of Turkey’s best makeup artists in action! Sezen Can and Murat Polat taught and educated attendees about what goes on behind the screen, how to transform a look and make it look as realistic as possible, always camera-ready!

To watch highlights from the event click here:Watch highlights


We would like to thank our partners and the Provincial and Federal Governments for their support and trust, which enable the Karachi Film Society to prosper and thrive as an essential part of celebrating culture and films through the Pakistan International Film Festival.